5 Best Soaps For Killing Scabies

5 Best Soaps For Killing Scabies

Sulfur soap

Sulfur soap is a great thing to have on hand when you are dealing with scabies. In fact, sulfur is the oldest known treatment for scabies, and has been used to kill the mites since the ancient Greeks. Whether you apply it in a cream, paste, or soap, it is usually effective at treating scabies in about 1-2 weeks. However, it will not kill the eggs. So, it is important that you continue to use the sulfur soap for a couple weeks after your symptoms disappear, in order to totally eradicate the mites. 

When you look for a sulfur soap or ointment to buy, make sure that it has at least 10% sulfur, which is the recommended concentration to treat scabies. If you have a baby with scabies, sulfur soap is especially recommended as a safe and non-toxic treatment by the american academy of dermatology . 

There are no side effects to using sulfur on your skin, aside from slight dryness. I have noticed after a couple weeks of using sulfur soap, that my skin became very soft and vibrant. I have also used sulfur soap in my hair, and it made it very silky and soft. 

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Clove Soap

Trusted SouClove oil has antimicrobial, anesthetic, and antioxidant properties that contribute to its healing powers. It’s also an effective insecticidal. One study publEssential oils are becoming a popular method to treat scabies naturally, and clove oil is one of the most effective ones. It has special acaricidal (mite killing) compounds such as eugenol. Eugenol is able to kill scabies mites, through inhibiting important enzymes in thier central nervous system. 

Besides killing the mites, clove soap has many other benefits. It has analgesic (pain relieving) properties. When you are scrubbing your sores with clove soap, you will feel a warm numbing sensation, and your pain and itching will disappear. Studies show that clove oil can enhance wound healing when applied to the skin, which is a great benefit when you are dealing with the symptoms of scabies.

Lastly, using soap that contains clove oil will help to kill off bacteria and viruses much better than regular soap, because of its many anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds.

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Tea Tree Soap

Tea tree oil is definitely one of the most popular treatments for scabies. It is one of my favorite essential oil to use, and I know from personal experience, that it works wonders for scabies.

Scientific studies have shown that it is a comparable treatment to prescription drugs. It contains compounds called oxygenated terpenoids and more specifically terpinen-4-ol, which is very toxic to the nervous system of the scabies mites.

Tea tree soap has many other benefits and uses for your skin. It can promote hair growth, reduce itching, moisten dry skin, inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses, help skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis, and it works great as a natural deodorant.

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Turmeric Soap

Turmeric soap is great to use if you have scabies. One study showed that a mixture of turmeric and neem, was able to cure scabies in as little as three days. You can read that study hereBut the main benefit of turmeric is the anti-inflammatory properties that it possesses. 

The red bumps and itchiness that occurs when you have scabies is not from bites, but actually due to an inflammatory immune reaction from your body, similar to an allergy. This is where turmeric soap is very helpful for your skin. Because turmeric is such a strong anti-inflammatory, it prevents your skin from breaking out in red bumps and rashes. It does this by blocking the release of histamines and cytokines that cause all your uncomfortable symptoms in the first place.

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Neem Soap

The last but not least is neem soap. Neem is an essential oil just like tea tree and clove. It is one of the best natural treatments for scabies. It is thought that neem oil disrupts the hormonal and reproductive cycles of the scabies mites, making them unable to lay fertile eggs. But it also has neurotoxic effects on the mites, that kills the adults also. 

The benefit use of neem oil, is as an insect repellent. But it also has many benefits when used as a soap. It can promote hair growth, balances dry and oily skin, reduce wrinkles, heal scars, treat acne, and kill bacteria, viruses, and fungus. It is also being studied, as a potential treatment for more serious diseases, like diabetes, malaria, melanoma, and leukemia.

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Good Luck

PS: You can use these soaps for everyday use, as well as for treating scabies!

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