5 Best Soaps For Killing Scabies

5 Best Soaps For Killing Scabies

Sulfur soap

Sulfur is probably the oldest known treatment for scabies. Whether you apply it in a cream, paste, or soap, it will kill off all of your scabies in about three days. However, it will not kill the eggs. So, it is important that you continue to use the sulfur soap for a couple weeks to totally eradicate the mites. 

In one study, researchers found that sulfur was just as effective at curing scabies as the anti-parasitic drugs that are typically prescribed for scabies. You can read that study here.

When you look for a sulfur ointment or soap to buy, make sure that it is at least 10% sulfur, which is the recommended amount to treat scabies. If you have a baby with scabies, sulfur is especially recommended as a safe and non-toxic treatment by the american academy of dermatology . 

There are no side effects to using sulfur on your skin, aside from slight dryness. In fact i have noticed after a couple weeks of using sulfur soap, my skin got very soft and and clear. When using sulfur soap in my hair, it made it very silky and even thicker. You can get sulfur soap from amazon here.

Clove Soap

Trusted SouClove oil has antimicrobial, anesthetic, and antioxidant properties that contribute to its healing powers. It’s also an effective insecticidal. One study publEssential oils are by far the most effective treatment for scabies. In this study, comparing the effectiveness of different essential oils, clove oil was more effective than any other at killing the scabies mites. At only 1% concentration, clove oil was shown to kill all scabies mites in 20 minutes, when used topically.

Clove oil has special acaricidal compounds (compounds that kill ticks and mites) such as eugenol. These compounds are likely the reason that it is the most effective oil for killing scabies. It also has analgesic (pain relieving), and anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to quick relief of your symptoms and fast wound healing. You can get clove soap from amazon here.

Tea Tree Soap

Tea tree oil was also tested, in the same study as clove oil. Although it was’nt as effective as clove, it still was able to kill all scabies mites at a 5% concentration. Like clove oil, it also has special anti-acaricidal compounds called oxygenated terpenoids and more specifically terpinen-4-ol. Because of this, tea tree oil is also highly effective at killing scabies.

Apart from killing mites, tea tree oil also has a lot of other benefits for your skin. It can reduce itchiness, moisten dry skin, fight bacterial, fungal and viral infections, help conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis and make you smell amazing. You can get tea tree soap from amazon here.

Turmeric Soap

Turmeric is great to use if you have scabies, but as far as i know, it does not actually kill them or there eggs. The main benefit of turmeric is the an anti-inflammatory properties that it possesses. 

The red bumps and itchiness that occurs when you have scabies is actually due to an inflammatory immune reaction from your body, similar to an allergy. Because turmeric is such a strong anti-inflammatory it it basically block your body from reacting and having all of the uncomfortable symptoms of scabies.

The only downside to use turmeric soap, is that is may leave your skin with a slight yellow tint for a short while. You can get turmeric soap from amazon here.

Neem Soap

The last soap is neem oil soap. Neem is an essential oil just like tea tree and clove. It is also one of the top contenders in its ability to kill scabies mites. It is also thought that neem oil may disrupt scabies hormonal and reproductive cycles making the scabies unable to lay fertile eggs. Since the entire life cycle of the mite is so short, this alone would eradicate the population of mites very quickly. You can get neem soap from amazon here.

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PS: These soaps are great for everyday use as well as for treating scabies!

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