over the counter treatment for scabies

Over The Counter Treatments For Scabies

Over The Counter Treatments For Scabies

over the counter treatment for scabies


5% permethrin cream is the first line treatment your doctor will prescribe you, if he thinks you have scabies. But, it is not technically an over the counter treatment, because, while it is available at most stores, you will need a prescription to get the permethrin cream. However, you do not need a prescription to buy permethrin in liquid form. You can easily order 10% permethrin liquid online, and mix it into a cream yourself. If you have any kind of lotion that you regularly use on your skin, you can mix the liquid permethrin 50/50 with the lotion, and you’ve got unlimited 5% permethrin cream, without needing a prescription.


Nix is basically 1% permethrin cream, that you can buy over the counter.   It is actually used to kill head lice and crabs, but some people use it for mild cases of scabies. If you try it, and it isn’t strong enough to kill the scabies mites, and their eggs, you can always add the 10% permethrin liquid, to make it stronger.

Benzyl benzoate

Benzyl benzoate is an over the counter (pesticide) drug that is used topically, to kill both lice and scabies. It is not as strong as permetherin, but it is used as a safer alternative for babies and pregnant women with scabies. You can buy benzyl benzoate in the product kill itch over the counter or you can order it from amazon here.


Ivermectin is a more powerful (pesticide) drug, that your doctor will prescribe to you, if permethrin isn’t working. You cannot get ivermectin over the counter. But you can buy the exact same drug for use as a dewormer from amazon here.

Calamine lotion

Calamine lotion is an over the counter, prescription medication, used to relieve itching, pain, and general irritation of the skin. It does not kill scabies or there eggs. It is only meant to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms that they cause. You can buy calamine lotion over the counter.


Antihistamines are over the counter drugs the block your body from releasing histamine. Histamines are cause the red bumps and rashes that you get with scabies. antihistamines can be helpful in reducing your symptoms, but will not actually kill the scabies. You can buy antihistamines over the counter.

Natural over the counter treatments for scabies

Nu Stock

Nu Stock is a natural over the counter sulfur cream, that is used for the treatment of scabies. The ingredients are 73% sulfur, 2% pine oil, and 25% mineral oil. Nu Stock has the highest sulfur content of any other ointment I have found, and it is a very effective treatment for scabies.

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